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A Leader for Our Community When We Need It Most

Navigating the circumstances brought on by COVID-19 have been challenging across the board. Uncertainty for workers, students and small business owners across the district increased calls and emails to elected officials ten fold. In the 93rd District, Representative Norine Hammond answered the call. She helped hundreds of local residents navigate state assistance and agencies, with reasons ranging from unemployment benefits to FOID renewal and everything in between.  It didn't stop there. Norine Hammond was active in supporting local health care workers with donations of thousands of masks and other PPE materials.  

When it came to our state government and the restrictions placed

on workers, Hammond was a vocal advocate for a regionalized approach that took into account how individuals living in rural settings could safely navigate the realities of the pandemic.  Regular contact with the governor and his office ensured that the voice of west central Illinois was heard.  

For many, Norine's assistance made all the difference. “When I sought Norine’s help to navigate the unemployment system, she didn’t hesitate to jump in and help. This was huge for me and for my family during uncertain times. I think we in the 93rd District are fortunate to have a representative who is so accessible and truly eager to help her constituents.”

If you need assistance during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please reach out to Representative Norine Hammond at her Macomb legislative office at (309) 836-2707.

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